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An Incredible Honor: Attending the Congressional Space Medal of Honor Award Ceremony

On Tuesday, January 31st, I was honored to attend a special ceremony at the White House where Vice President Kamala Harris awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor. This award was presented to astronauts Robert Behknen and Doug Hurley to recognize their extraordinary achievements in space exploration. In this blog post, I want to share with you why they received this award, and how it has changed our perspectives on space discovery.

What did Bob and Doug Do?

Bob and Doug were part of an incredible moment in space exploration history. Before 2020, we used only space shuttles for our missions into space – a period we refer to as the “space shuttle flight era”. But now NASA has partnered with private companies to develop new spacecrafts! Bob and Doug broke new ground by piloting the first ever commercial crew mission– forever changing our perspectives on space discovery!

What Does this Mean For Us?

The successful launch of this mission is significant for several reasons. It means that it's possible for private companies to partner with NASA to launch missions into space - something which wasn't possible before. This opens up more opportunities for us because these partnerships mean that there is now more access to resources and technology than ever before. We are also able to benefit from the expertise of both public and private sector professionals - each bringing their own unique skillsets and knowledge base to the table.

How is This Changing Our Perspectives?

The successful launch of a commercial crew mission from NASA has opened up a world of possibilities when it comes to space exploration. It has allowed us to rethink what is possible in terms of exploring new frontiers in outer-space – including sending humans farther away from Earth than ever before! We can also use this type of partnership model as a template for other fields like medicine or engineering – allowing us to collaborate on projects at unprecedented levels!

The successful launch of Bob and Doug’s commercial crew mission has enabled us all think differently about how we approach future endeavors in outer-space as well as other areas like medicine or engineering. It was an incredible honor on Tuesday attending the special ceremony where Vice President Kamala Harris awarded them with the Congressional #SpaceMedalofHonor 🏅to recognize their extraordinary achievements ✨ I hope this inspires you all just as much as it inspires me! 🚀💫👩‍🚀👨‍🚀​​​​​​​

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