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Dr. Raven attends the Marvel Antman Quantumania World Premiere in Los Angeles

It was an incredible experience being a part of the Antman Quantumania premiere in Los Angeles! As Dr. Raven the Science Maven, I was invited by Disney to attend as part of the exclusive event-- I could hardly contain my excitement. I hauled it cross-country and threw on my best sequin dress and showed up!

Upon arriving at the theater, I was immediately taken aback by how grandiose everything was. Also, how hilarious that the UCLA students casually encounter events like this-- it seemed like the students were understandably more concerned with school than what was happening on the red carpet nearby. LA problems, LOL. Once inside, the atmosphere felt electric! Everyone was buzzing with anticipation and there were even cosplayers lined up outside of the red carpet, in costumes related to the Antman series. This made me feel even more pumped up for what I knew would be an amazing night!

As soon as the movie began, I could tell that it would be unlike any other film experience I’d ever had before. With its brilliant visual effects, fast-paced action sequences, and witty dialogue, this movie drew me in right away and kept me engaged throughout its entirety. Johnathan Majors' acting as Kang the Conqueror was INCREDIBLE!

I also had a chance to meet some famous stars at the premiere which made the experience even better! It’s always exciting to see some of your favorite actors or actresses interacting with everyday people like myself. Meeting them all in person provided me with yet another unforgettable memory from that night.

Overall, attending this incredible event has been one of my most memorable experiences yet as Dr. Raven the Science Maven. From meeting famous stars and watching a superhero classic unfold on screen to feeling overwhelmed by awe-inspiring special effects and witnessing some historic moments—this entire experience will stay with me forever

Thank you again to Disney for the invitation.

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