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Dr. Raven Baxter is honored on Fortune Magazine’s “Under 40” List for 2021

Updated: Jan 19

Dr. Baxter's passion was recognized this year by Fortune magazine who featured her on their annual "40 Under 40 in Health" list which celebrates some of the brightest stars leading healthcare innovation today. This honor is well deserved recognition of Dr. Baxter's tireless efforts to promote health equity and provide opportunities for everyone to access the sciences regardless of their background or financial situation.

As part of this recognition, Fortune magazine also asked Dr. Baxter about her inspiring story and aspirations for the future: “Growing up I’ve always had an affinity for problem solving so naturally science became an outlet to explore these interests more deeply… My goal is that my work inspires young people from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams without fear of not being accepted or fitting into some predefined idea of what success should look like”.

Overall, Dr. Raven Baxter's recognition by Fortune magazine serves as an example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success no matter where you come from or what your circumstances may be. Through her determination and commitment to science education she continues to make huge strides in promoting access and inclusion within the sciences world-wide!

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