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Dr. Raven Baxter partners with Olay on women in STEM initiative

Updated: Jan 19

Dr. Raven Baxter is an inspiring figure in the STEM field, and her recent partnership with Olay to tackle the gender gap in STEM is a testament to her dedication to making science accessible for everyone. Olay's Women in STEM initiative seeks to double the amount of women and triple the amount of women of color in STEM fields by 2030. This goal comes from a deeper commitment to providing more opportunities for young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The initiative will do this through:

  • Interactive online resources that provide an introduction to the exciting possibilities within STEM

  • Virtual job shadowing experiences that offer students insights into real-world applications of their skills

  • Mentorship programs that connect students with successful female experts in the field

  • Traditional media campaigns spotlighting inspiring women who have achieved success working in typically male-dominated fields.

Olay's Women in STEM initiative is part of a larger effort to promote diversity and inclusion within education and beyond. By increasing representation of historically underrepresented populations within STEM fields we can create positive lasting change in our society as a whole.

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