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Dr. Raven the Science Maven partners with Netflix on Ada Twist, Scientist “Brainstorm” Music Video

Updated: Jan 19

Dr. Raven the Science Maven is helping to launch a new educational music video in partnership with Netflix! Called "Brainstorm," the video follows Ada Twist, Scientist through a fun adventure inspired by the celebrated children's book of the same name. Through this project, Dr. Raven hopes to encourage young people around the world to explore science and creativity together.

This initiative seeks to encourage kids to stay curious and think critically about their lives and the world around them.

In the video, we follow along as Ada Twist's curiosity leads her on an interactive exploration. Throughout her journey, she meets various scientists and engineers who help her develop her ideas through experiments, observations, and innovative solutions. With each step taken towards progress, Ada grows more confident and empowered in her abilities as an inventor and scientist.

At its heart, this collaboration between Raven and Netflix is an inspiring reminder that with hard work and dedication anything is possible — even inventions like ADA's robot butterfly! We hope that by partnering up with such an iconic platform like Netflix, our message of creative exploration reaches more viewers than ever before.

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